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Composite Couplings \ Drive Shafts

Composite Couplings \ Drive Shafts
Composite Couplings \ Drive Shafts
Composite Couplings \ Drive Shafts
Composite Couplings \ Drive Shafts
Composite Couplings \ Drive Shafts

The drive shaft is specially designed to transmit torque in systems where the factor of adverse external environmental influences is especially noticeable. Due to the use of materials resistant to corrosion, the shaft is successfully used as part of wet towers and air cooling units. Corrosion resistance of shaft elements made of composite materials is higher than that of stainless steel SS316, and an external high-strength polyurethane coating reliably protects the shaft from mechanical damage.

    The use of advanced technologies for reinforcing the carrier coupling with carbon and fiberglass provides high strength characteristics with low weight, which positively affects the general inertia of the drive, increases the critical rotation speed and reduces the risk of vibration.

    These couplings are made of a lightweight, advanced composite material to increase critical speed, reduce vibration and extend bearing life. As a result, they can reduce the cantilever load on bearings by up to 80% compared to similar metal couplings. Corrosion resistant parts reduce costs and extend service life. Hole diameters up to 130 mm. Torque up to 4.090 kN ・ m. Up to 500 hp 13 sizes available. Patented, unified, flexible elements eliminate wear due to friction with vibration.

The drive shaft includes the following elements:

1. Coupling (1 pc.) Made of composite, reinforced with carbon and / or glass fiber with an external protective polyurethane coating.
2. Composite flexible element (2 pcs.) To compensate for vibration and misalignment of the shafts of the motor and gearbox.
3. Landing couplings (2 pcs.) Made of SS316 stainless steel for fixing on the shafts of the electric motor and gearbox.
4. A set of hardware made of stainless steel SS316 or copper-nickel alloy for shaft assembly (1 set).

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