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07 Dec Hydraulic Ground Test Servo Control System: Aero Test Controller
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Aero Test Controller (ATC) is a modern digital control system developed by MT-SOLUTIONS specifically for testing in the aerospace industry.ATC is actively operated by leading aerospace companies.The architecture of the OSK Test Controller is fully consistent with existing industry standards, which ensures reliability and full software compatibility..
04 Dec System for commercial accounting of shipped products
01 Nov Testing complex for testing planetary and shaft hydromechanical gears and torque converters
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This complex is intended for:- quality checks of the assembly of hydromechanical gears and torque converters;- determining the operability of hydromechanical gears and torque converters after mining;- checking the quality of repairs;- running-in hydromechanical gears and torque converters after assembly (repair) to ensure running-in of mating parts..
01 Nov Test system upgrade
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Nowadays many factories and laboratories have a fleet of obsolete testing equipment, which is sometimes more than 20 years old. This is especially true of equipment from Schenck, MTS, Instron and ServoTest, which basically equipped all the laboratories and testing centers in Soviet times.Naturally, in terms of electronics and control, this park is ..
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