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MOOG Servo Valve D633, D634 Series

MOOG Servo Valve D633, D634 Series
MOOG Servo Valve D633, D634 Series
MOOG Servo Valve D633, D634 Series
MOOG Servo Valve D633, D634 Series
MOOG Servo Valve D633, D634 Series
The valves of the D633 and D634 series are servo valves with direct control of the spool and with electrical position feedback. Spool control is carried out using the linear motor armature rigidly connected to it, moving the spool in both directions from the hydraulic zero position (neutral position). In the absence of a control signal, the spool is held in neutral by a flat spring; thus, valves in this series have a significant advantage over solenoid valves. Electronics, providing feedback loop closure on the position of the spool and economical control of the linear motor due to the use of wide pulse modulation, is a compact unit that is part of the valve. When using a control signal of one of the types described below, there is no need for any additional interface.

Distinctive features of valves of the D633 and D634 series

· Possibility of use in the mode with the 3rd and 4th working ports, as well as in the 2x2 mode (double flow) in control systems that control the position, speed or force of the load, as well as the flow rate of the working fluid.

· Connection dimensions in accordance with DIN 24340, Cetop3 and Cetop5.

· Great force developed by a linear motor with permanent magnets.

· Lack of the first hydraulic control cascade, and, accordingly, the minimum unproductive expense.

· When the power supply is cut off, for example, when the cable is broken, or in the event of an emergency shutdown, the flat spring returns the valve spool to a safe neutral position, while the actuators of the system are blocked.

· Independence of the dynamic characteristics of the valve from the supply pressure.

· Degree of protection IP65 (according to DIN 40050, when using the recommended counterpart of the electrical connector).

Slight hysteresis and high sensitivity.

· Protection against incorrect connection and from a control signal exceeding the permissible value.

· Electrical zero adjustment to adjust the load position.

· The signal about the actual position of the spool has a low noise level.
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