MTS-ATC is a modern digital control system developed by MT-SOLUTIONS specifically for testing in the aerospace industry.

MTS-ATC is actively operated by leading aerospace companies.

The architecture of the OSK  is fully consistent with existing industry standards, which ensures reliability and full software compatibility of a personal computer and software. MTS-ATC combines the modern level of digital control with powerful software running under Windows 10 and higher, providing the maximum possible set of tools for conducting full-scale tests of aircraft and their components for tester.

MTS-ATC allows both structural testing (static loading, life tests) and testing of aircraft control systems.

USC is a modular control system that can be easily expanded to 500 channels in the future.

If necessary, MTS-ATC provides full integration with the MT-VP digital data acquisition system from MT-Solutions, as well as MT-Controll software. Integration makes it possible to share data to provide a more complete picture of the tests. At the hardware level, an Ethernet connection is used for integration.