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03 Jun Cooling tower drives
0 9779
In the design of drive components for our cooling towers, we essentially work with standard motors. We fit direct drives to smaller cooling fans. Beve..
14 Apr Cooling tower fans
0 6990
While our natural draught cooling towers use the chimney effect and the cooling air is drawn from the bottom to the top without any mechanical assista..
09 Apr Weighing and Dosing Systems
09 Apr Telemetry systems
09 Apr Multichannel measuring systems
09 Apr High Frequency Measuring Systems
13 Mar Metrological support of measuring instruments
20 Feb Cooling tower design
0 4155
We have expertise in both designing new cooling systems and renovate existing systems. The term “cooling tower design” has various aspects. It refers ..
07 Dec Hydraulic Ground Test Servo Control System: MTS-ATC
0 4972
MTS-ATC is a modern digital control system developed by MT-SOLUTIONS specifically for testing in the aerospace industry.MTS-ATC is actively operated b..
04 Dec System for commercial accounting of shipped products
01 Nov Testing complex for testing planetary and shaft hydromechanical gears and torque converters
0 3896
This complex is intended for:- quality checks of the assembly of hydromechanical gears and torque converters;- determining the operability of hydromec..
01 Nov Test system upgrade
0 5317
Nowadays many factories and laboratories have a fleet of obsolete testing equipment, which is sometimes more than 20 years old. This is especially tru..
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