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U1600A Series Manual Digital Oscilloscope (Agilent Technologies)

U1600A Series Manual Digital Oscilloscope (Agilent Technologies)
U1600A Series Manual Digital Oscilloscope (Agilent Technologies)
U1600A Series Manual Digital Oscilloscope (Agilent Technologies)
U1600A Series Manual Digital Oscilloscope (Agilent Technologies)
U1600A Series Manual Digital Oscilloscope (Agilent Technologies)
Handheld Digital Oscilloscope U1602A (Agilent Technologies, USA)

The U1602A portable digital oscilloscope multimeter is a compact and multifunctional device that combines several technical solutions at once: a 2-channel oscilloscope, a true RMS digital multimeter and a real-time data logger.

Distinctive features of the U1602A model

    Large color display 4.5 inches (11.4 cm)
    Bandwidth up to 40 MHz, advanced trigger system
    Sampling rate up to 200 MHz
    Signal memory depth 125,000 bps / channel (maximum recording length)
    Digital multimeter with a resolution of up to 6,000 samples, with 22 automatic measuring functions
    11 built-in measuring functions, including a voltmeter, an ohmmeter and an auxiliary meter
    Scaling and mathematical functions over the signals of two channels
    Full-featured remote control and data transfer with PC Link
    Possibility of external connections via high-speed USB 2.0 interface
    Multilingual help system

The U1602A Hand-Held Digital Oscilloscope has a 4.5 ”(11.4 cm) color LCD display that allows you to clearly distinguish between the two channels. The U1602A is a high-performance troubleshooting and quality assurance tool for technicians who install, maintain, and maintain equipment, including in the automotive industry. The U1602A oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 20 MHz provides a real-time sampling frequency of up to 200 MHz. Users can use the math functions on the signals of the two channels to quickly analyze the signals in both the time and frequency domain. The built-in true RMS digital multimeter with a resolution of 6000 samples has an automatic limit switching function that provides additional flexibility in performing fast and accurate voltage, resistance and auxiliary measurement functions. In addition, the standard data logger function of the U1600A Series oscilloscopes allows users to combine data sampling sequences for data logging.


Oscilloscope, true RMS digital multimeter and real-time data logger in one device
The U1602A Oscilloscope is a rugged, high-performance, reliable, and compact measuring instrument for today's demanding production environments. The device not only provides a full range of oscilloscope functions, but also the functions of a true RMS digital multimeter with a resolution of 6000 samples and a real-time data logger. The digital multimeter provides 11 measuring functions, including the functions of a voltmeter (measuring AC and DC voltage, RMS sum of AC and DC voltage), an ohmmeter (2-wire resistance measurement, capacitance measurement, diode testing, continuity testing of electrical circuits) and an additional meter ( measurement of temperature, current, humidity and pressure).


Oscilloscope Functions
Deep memory - The instrument comes with a memory depth of 125 quabytes.
Autoscale - The Autoscale function allows the instrument to quickly display any active signals on the screen, automatically setting the oscilloscope controls for the best display of signals.
Mathematical Functions over Two-Channel and FFT Signals - The U1600A Series offers analysis functions, including addition and subtraction of two-channel signals, as well as FFT using one of four weight functions (rectangular, Hanning, Hamming, Blackman-Harris).
Cursor measurements - The function of cursor measurements allows you to manually or automatically set the place of sampling at any point of interest.
22 automatic measurements - Up to 22 automatic types of measurements are available to the user. It can simultaneously perform and display the results of four different types of measurements.
Advanced Trigger System - Includes triggering by differential, pulse duration, code combination and video signal.
Ease of Connection U1602A - The PC Link application comes standard with the U1600A Series Oscilloscopes. This program provides the collection, storage and documentation of data when connecting the device to a PC via USB. As an option, it is also possible to connect a USB flash drive for the purpose of storing and recalling settings and signals.
Memorizing and recalling signals and settings - Up to 10 signals and settings of the device configuration can be memorized and called up at any time for subsequent use and as reference ones.


Functions in data logger mode
The U1602A oscilloscope allows the user to customize the data collection conditions in accordance with his requirements for any kind of digital multimeter measurements. This advanced feature allows you to record and combine sequences of data samples for construction purposes.
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